Have you seen this bucket?

OK, feeling sloshy now. That was great - and so is the bumper sticker! — at Raquette River BrewingAfter a very quiet couple of days, the NCPR bot resurfaces!NCPRbot has been missing for almost 3 weeks now.  Last we knew, it was in the High Peaks area.  NCPR bot had a great tour through the Adirondacks in September, passing randomly from one NCPR listener to another.

The bot has a luggage tag strapped to it, with a phone number to text messages and photos: 315-840-0895.  We had previously received photos via this number and via our Facebook page, but our last submission was September 14th, with a note about going whitewater rafting soon.

Have you seen our bot anywhere?  Washed up on shore?  Bobbing in the lake?  Collecting rainwater under the eaves?

The NCPR bot begins its first Adirondack foray withNCPRbot has allowed us to see some of the best places in the Adirondacks through your lenses.  It has received invitations to theater openings, train rides, and visits to areas all over our broadcast area.

NCPRbot started elementary school at Long Lake Central this week! Big thanks to everone at LLCS for your hospitality! — at Long Lake Central School.Your generosity toward our radio bot is eclipsed only by your generosity during our fall fundraiser!  Through your photos, we’ve watched our bot acquire tattoos, stickers, comments, and bling–but we have not seen it in person since it departed the station in August.  We’d love to be able to read all the comments and autographs that it’s collected.  That’s why we’d like to know what’s happened to it, even if it was a violent demise in the rapids, under the truck wheels, or in the goat pen.

So…. If you’ve seen our NCPRbot, please help it phone home:  315-840-0895, or send an email to barb@ncpr.org. Thanks.

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2 Comments on “Have you seen this bucket?”

  1. knuckleheadedliberal says:

    Poor little guy. I hope he’s safe and warm.

  2. PirateEdwardLow says:

    Darn, to meet NCPRBot was on my bucket list

    I hope no one kicked him

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