NCPR gets some respect

Hi Folks–

June-Peoples_310I was at a public media conference in Washington recently and a highly regarded public media analyst told the crowd that he believes NCPR is the best organization in the country and that he is constantly amazed that a station our size and can consistently accomplish such cutting-edge, creative, award-winning work every year.

To top that off, I can’t tell you how many people came up to me and excitedly said “NCPR–Brian Mann!” or “Your news team is amazing!” or “NCPR–Ellen Rocco–You guys are the best.” It made me so proud to know how much my colleagues are respected all over the country.

And I wanted to tell you, because the simple fact is that our ambitious ideas, creative energy and drive would have no outlet without your shared sense of pride and steadfast support.

That’s why I’m here to remind you that. . .

It’s Time to Give!

And I’m asking you to do it now to help make our fundraiser as unintrusive as possible. The drive ends the moment we reach $330,000. Your friends and neighbors have already taken us more than 70% of the way there.

Thank you!
June Peoples

iPadPro_90P.S. Don’t forget, everyone who donates is automatically entered into our fall prize drawings. Our next drawing, for an iPad Pro tablet computer, comes when we reach $230,000 toward our goal and we should reach that milestone in the next few hours.

You don’t have to donate to win, but we hope you’ll be a part of our success!

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