This is the home stretch

Photo: Christopher Fitz, Creative Commons, some rights reserved

Photo: Christopher Fitz, Creative Commons, some rights reserved

Once upon a time I was a cross-country runner, an OK runner on a stellar team at Potsdam Central. Those days always come back to me this time of year, which would be late in the season, with the final meets close on the horizon. The crisp air, the trail slick with leaves, running through the colored woods and fields–it could be very sweet.

But cross-country running is a long haul; you have to push yourself through the long middle of the race. You have to pace yourself so there’s something left at the finish when you come into the home stretch.

Once you round the corner flag, far off you see the finish line and the roped-off chute, hear friends and family yelling encouragement, and so you pour on the coal and power through to the end.

We’ve just turned the corner into the final week of our “Quiet Drive” fundraiser. We’re on the home stretch now with our goal in sight. Right now is the time to pour it on.

It’s Time to Give

Once you do that, once we cross the finish line at $330,000, the race is done. And if we can get that done before the end of this week that will mark a personal best for NCPR. Start your “kick” to the finish. Everybody is rooting for you.


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  1. Chuck says:

    Dale, I was happy to see when you were a young fellow that you were a cross country runner.
    Linda & I work at staying in shape as best we can as we progress in age.

    We were not surprised to hear NCPR is winning NPR recognition for being a top station. We travel the country and listen to other stations including Boise State PR here and NCPR is easiest the tops.


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