One of those daze

January 9 is Static Electricity Day. No, really. Cartoon: Sandra Boynton via Facebook

January 9 is Static Electricity Day. No, really. Cartoon: Sandra Boynton via Facebook

According to the Census Bureau, Facebook, and other random tubes of the internet, today is Static Electricity Day. Trying to dig down like a good sleuth, I cannot find anywhere that says who it was that declared today to be devoted to those mysterious forces generated by the rubbing of things together, but I’m not shocked by the failure. They say a lot of stuff.

They also say that it’s Apricot Day and Play God Day. So in that spirit, I hereby declare that January 9 is When It Stops Being OK to Write The Previous Year’s Date on a Check Day. (What’s a check, grandpa?) And I declare that it is also Put Maple Syrup on Everything Day. Pretty sweet.

Things also happened on this ninth day of the year. Christopher Columbus saw three mermaids off the coast of Hispanola in 1493. The trial of Joan of Arc began on this day in Rouen in 1431, and a law was introduced in the New York State legislature to ban flirting in public on this day in 1902. Albany, apparently, is not a fun place.

Of course, if you think about it, of all the things that have ever happened in the whole history of the world, 0.27% of them had to happen on the ninth day of the year. That’s just science.

So there you have it–random thoughts for a random day. Come to think of it, some day of the year must be Random Thinking Day. I’ll have to look that up.


4 Comments on “One of those daze”

  1. Ted says:

    Static Electricity Day? Really? You positive?

  2. Ron Berry says:

    The ‘trial’ of Joan of Arc? Or did she really drop breadcrumbs as she traveled? I really enjoy your writing, so why not a ‘random thoughts’ day.


  3. ncpradmin says:

    Today is also Over-reliance on Spell-check Day.

    Dale, NCPR

  4. Jim Fox says:

    I agree with Ron. Random thinking is too much like work. Random thoughts are so much more fun. I celebrate with them all day every day.

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