It’s time to do the thing

This message is for our last-minute heroes–the ones who hold back, wanting to be the ones to put NCPR over the top in each fundraiser. You know who you are. The rest of you can finish your coffee and breakfast and get out into the fine weather, with our sincere gratitude.

Dear heroes:

Cartoon: Xavier Vergés, Creative Commons, some rights reserved

Cartoon: Xavier Vergés, Creative Commons, some rights reserved

There’s a thing you may have been thinking over for a few weeks now. There may be a little voice in your ear urging you to take action. There are things in your mail box and your email inbox that remind you of it; you see things on Facebook and the other tubes of the Internet. It’s on the radio. But you have been waiting for your moment.

This is that moment.

We can finish this NCPR fundraiser today.

There’s just a few thousand dollars left to reach our goal. The bases are loaded and you are at the plate. It’s time to swing for the fences. It’s time to close the deal. It’s time to say ‘Th-Th-Th-That’s all, folks!”

This time tomorrow, we don’t want to have anything left to say about this fundraiser except “Thank you, thank you, thank you.”

We want that; I think you all want that. Here is how to make that happen.

Do the thing now


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