More than just keeping the lights on

I still feel a little hung-over from our spring fundraiser. It was my 31st drive since joining the NCPR staff in 2001 and I have to say, our best ever, thanks to you all. It’s always a big lift; it takes a lot of work and it could get old if all NCPR accomplished was to keep the lights on and the transmitters hot and the website up for another six months of doing what we always do.

award-155595_960_720But we do more than that and we keep trying to do better. And it pays off, not just in your continued support. In addition to being poetry month, April is also the month when many awards are given to broadcasters and journalists: the Edward R. Murrow awards from the Radio Television Digital News Association, the Society of Professional Journalists Sigma Delta Chi awards, the Gabriel awards.

NCPR cleaned up this year. We’re going to need more wall space.

Natasha Haverty, David Sommerstein and Martha Foley brought home the SPJ best in the nation award for Radio Investigative Reporting with Why is justice for Garrett Phillips so complicated?

NCPR brought home four different Edward R. Murrow awards in our mid-Atlantic state region for:

Ellen Rocco and Brit Hanson brought home a Gabriel Award, given in recognition of journalism that explores and expands the human spirit, for their digital-only piece Coming to the North Country: Pierre, Cameroon.

It’s pretty sweet to see all that hard work bear fruit. It’s what you get when a whole community, a whole region comes together to make the work of public service journalism a reality. Thank you all for doing your part.


5 Comments on “More than just keeping the lights on”

  1. Pete Klein says:

    Is there a law that prevents you from running commercials? If not, why not switch to advertising. Some ads are better than the programs and you only have to put up with them for 30 seconds.
    I view naming underwriters as a form of ads. The only difference between them and regular ads is that they are always boring.

  2. Dale Hobson says:

    Hi Pete–

    On air we follow FCC guidelines that limit what can be said in underwriting messages, i.e., No calls to action, no comparative language, no sales or pricing information, etc. We choose to follow the same guidelines in our website underwriting, but are not required to. So they are a form of advertising, but are more informational than aggressively promotional. We prefer it that way and one has only to visit websites that inject slide-out video that you can’t stop from playing, blinky pop-ups with nearly invisible close buttons, and so much other promotional stuff that it crashes your browser to see the difference.

    Dale Hobson, NCPR

  3. Wayne Lincoln says:

    All those awards!!!! Of course… That’s our team. Would you expect anything less.

    Way to go guys!


  4. Helene vanderburgh says:

    So proud of all of you and blessed to be in your neighborhood!

  5. Pete Klein says:

    Thanks, Dale.
    Not objecting. Just suggesting if it were legal.

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