What would your ears vote for?

Up toward the mountains, the leaves have turned colors so jaw-dropping it’s like a fever dream. With the long stretch of sunny cool weather, leaf peepers have voted with their feet in such numbers the backcountry needs stop lights and traffic cops. When it comes to fall, the poll is practically unanimous—best time to be in the North Country. The “eyes” have it, so to speak.

Photo: Travis Isaacs, Creative Commons, some rights reserved

Photo: Travis Isaacs, Creative Commons, some rights reserved

This is a season when we get to make choices. Some of them are easy: Do I scrub out the grout lines between the bathroom tiles or do I go for a walk in the woods? Hmm. Some are tougher: Who do I want to crew the ship of state? And some of them are a little metaphysical: What would my ears vote for?

NCPR works hard all year to win that vote, campaigning in every town across the region. We think that your ears want good information about the world around you. We think you want to hear the voices of your neighbors, and the views of thoughtful, well-informed people. We think your ears are tired of people telling you what to think, tired of the yammer of hypesters and the jangle of commercial entertainment. We think your ears could use a laugh every now and then, not a laugh track. And maybe a little music that wasn’t composed by a committee of suits.

If we are right in our thinking, then now is the time to vote for what your ears want.

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We thank you, and your ears thank you.


3 Comments on “What would your ears vote for?”

  1. telfish says:

    Neither my ears or my morals will allow me to vote for a “man” who says he can grope women’s pussies with impunity because he is a “star”

  2. Chuck Goolden says:

    Dale, another good post.


  3. Pete Klein says:

    Issues such as economy, jobs, security.

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