Spring of the world

We’re in the fleeting thick of it now—trillium time, apple blossom time. It is only a moment in the wheel of the year, so savor. How quickly a square of chocolate melts in the mouth and is gone. What if you could only have one once a year?

Trillium print by T. Ellen Fisher, c. 1900.

Trillium print by T. Ellen Fisher, c. 1900.

Spring of the world

When the heron is home,
when trillium light the path,
when apple petals dust
the yard and all the leaves
are young, I remember–
we were built for Eden.

This pure cumulus white
against a piercing blue,
light like honey poured
out over rolling hills—
yes, yes–I remember
how it was in Eden.

Would that it could stay,
not boil off into summer,
nor burn with autumn,
nor freeze the long dark.
We were built for Eden
but had to have the world.

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10 Comments on “Spring of the world”

  1. Jennifer Bennett says:

    Wonderful wonderful poem. Thank you.

  2. GLORIOUS SPRING IMAGES. The lament is heartfelt. Love your use of words. They make the point every time
    Please COME TO VIEW ARTS and share your secrets. A ‘wannabe’ Poet… miriam kashiwa

  3. Roger Burrows says:

    Love the poem. The human condition, without the bombast. Many thanks.

  4. Jill Vaughan says:

    Love the poem.nascent beauty, different from the full-blown, blowsy summer. Nature without our interference yet, trowel and spade. This is such a moving poem; and we are lucky people. “Surprised by joy.”

  5. Richard and Sudjai Bentley says:

    I always read and enjoy your poems. This is one of your best one, Dale. Beautiful.

  6. Claudia says:

    Beautiful print. Thought-provoking poem. Thank you, Dale.

  7. Ann Breen Metcalfe says:

    Beautiful thoughts. Thank you.

  8. jill f vaughan says:

    Had to come back and read it again today. Love it..

  9. Kristin says:

    I always love your poems, but this one just blows me away. Thank you for sharing it.

  10. Mary Brandt says:

    You put my feelings into words. Thank you.

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