Farewell to Click and Clack

Tom and Ray Magliozzi, hosts of Car Talk. Photo: Richard Howard

Tom and Ray Magliozzi, hosts of Car Talk. Photo: Richard Howard

Most of us can’t recall a time when the Magliozzi brothers haven’t been a part of public radio. For more than 30 years, two mechanics with funny Boston accents have been captivating millions of Saturday morning listeners on public radio stations around the country. Of course, there’s been all the helpful “car talk” that helped people get their vehicles back on the road, but I think the real reason that Car Talk has been public radio’s most popular weekly program all these years is Tom and Ray’s compelling curiosity about everything, their deep affection for people, and their infectious and irresistible laugh. Who could ever listen to the show and not end up feeling better about life and the human race? Every week they were so obviously have a great time. So did we.

A few years back, Car Talk stopped new production, and shortly after, brother Tom passed away. Since then, NCPR and stations around the country have been airing The Best of Car Talk, refreshed productions of some of the best shows of past years. But now NPR has announced that it’s time to say goodbye. If you’re like me, you have so many memories of great conversations, jokes, puzzlers, silly moments. Moments that made me laugh out loud, and still bring a smile to my face when I remember them and those guys and their crazy laughs. If you’re like me, saying goodbye is going to be difficult, and there will be some grieving after. Please enjoy the few remaining episodes of The Best of Car Talk. The last show will air September 30, the last Saturday of this month. After that, you can still find old episodes of the show on podcast. But not on the radio.

Beginning in October, we’ll launch a terrific new show from NPR called Hidden Brain, with Shankar Vedantam. It isn’t Car Talk; nothing else ever could be Car Talk. But it’s pretty fabulous. More about it next month.

For now, big thanks to NPR for producing and distributing Car Talk all these years. And big thanks to Tom and Ray, for all the laughs. Love you guys.


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  1. Terry says:

    Time goes on, Jackie, and thank you for the very kind words. ‘Car Talk’ will never be forgotten.
    I look forward to ‘Hidden Brain’ and its programming!

  2. John Northroup says:

    Double dittos Jackie to your post review of “Car Talk”

  3. Pat Martin says:

    “So long, it’s been nice to know you” Sure will miss Tom’s infectious laugh. Thanks for continuing to air the show for so long after his passing. It certainly softened the blow. And for making it available on podcast. Autumn is the time for change.

  4. anne and charlie says:

    They will be missed. WE have enjoyed many of their Saturday morning programs , in Florida, in Ontario and in the car! Always a feel good time!

  5. Andy Caruso says:

    Two great shows in one year! Going Going Gone! What a shame. First Vinyl Cafe with Stuart McClain and now Car Talk with Click and Clack! Thanks NCPR for all the years of having these great shows. Still though, there is great programming. Keep up the excellent work!

  6. Wallace says:

    Enjoyed Click and Clack the Tappet brothers for years. Will really miss their show.

  7. Mr. Wakiki says:

    ugh ugh ugh

    Car talk was like blue asters along the road

    I didn’t alway hear it. But it always made me smile when I did.

    Even the ‘best of,’ were or seemed new to me, because in the many years I didn’t catch them all… and even the repeats seemed fresh to hear them again….

    Back when the shows were in regular production, I quickly figured out that when the puzzler was on vacation, it meant it was going to be repeats for a couple months. But like the ‘best of’ I realized I had missed a lot of the shows the first time. Or even if I hard heard the show, there were nuances I had missed. A lot of this because a lot of times I was in the car driving around.

    I really like to believe that when I drive along the highway I will find a little blue blossoms to put a smile on my face.

  8. Mike Edwards says:

    Oh shame, I feel cheated and how 😉

  9. Michael Greer says:

    Hmm… I hope Hidden Brain isn’t another news show about “important issues”. Radio can be entertaining too.

  10. Alison says:

    Will miss the brothers from my hometown- always felt connected to my Bostonian roots listening to them – BUT very excited about Shankar’s show. I always enjoy his reports on other programs. A full hour with him will be great!

  11. Tom Dudones says:

    I remember the first time I heard these guys. It was the summer of 1988 and we were driving down to Boston exploring colleges for my daughter. I must have been tuned into the Boston NPR station and heard these two crazy guys talking about cars . I wasn’t sure what was going on, but soon the whole family was laughing. I still listen regularly each Saturday morning to the Best”. I’ll miss these guys – almost like members of the family.

  12. Hank Hofmann says:

    It’s definitely the end of an era at NPR.

  13. Anne says:

    Already downloading some podcasts to keep and treasure.

  14. Ellen Rocco says:

    Michael–Hidden Brain is not another “news show about ‘important issues'” — it’s a program about ideas and the world around us, with a focus on how we act as human beings. Oh, that doesn’t sound great, does it? But Shankar Vedantam, the host, is a remarkable man. You’ve probably heard him occasionally in short features aired on NPR’s newsmagazine programs. I am so excited that he now has the space and time to really take us to a universe of interesting places and ideas. He is very special–and very entertaining. Let us know what you think of the program when we begin airing it on Saturdays, beginning in October.

  15. Lisa H says:

    Ugg, time marches on I guess, but so sorry to say good bye. Best talk show ever!

  16. Pat McKeown says:

    There’s a lesson here: We older folks are dying off and with us is passing the reverence we once paid entertainers like Stuart McClain and the Magliozzis. Public Radio must recruit young listeners and young producers if it is to move forward and catch the new audience. RIP, Tom, Ray and Stuart — you certainly entertained us.

  17. Roy says:

    I feel like a part of my life is gone – I’ve listened to these guys for 30 years and was devastated when I found out that Tom had passed away. One of the best radio shows EVER, and I’ll truly miss the Magliozzi brothers and Car Talk. 🙁

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