Last chance weekend

Feeling the chill in the air, the near frost at night, the darkening after dinner, the geese that yammer overhead, the typical North Country mind shifts into a sort of anxious overdrive. Last chance. Last chance to take the boat out, last chance for the garden, last hike in the High Peaks.

To quote the motto of House Stark: “Winter is coming.” Yikes. And while we may not face a zombie dragon or a merciless army of the undead, it will still be no picnic.

Plymouth Valiant gone to its reward. Photo: Accord14, Creative Commons, some rights reserved

Plymouth Valiant gone to its reward. Photo: Accord14, Creative Commons, some rights reserved

I feel it myself, surveying the unfinished projects around the house, knowing my proclivity for going into something close to hibernation while the white stuff blows sideways along the road. Get a move on. Stock the bunker.

While that anxiety may be a little overblown, this really is the last weekend for at least one thing. In a few minutes, NCPR will broadcast its last episode of “The Best of Car Talk,” the program that helped keep our derelict Plymouth Valiant on the road two winters after its appointed date with the junkyard, that taught me not to use live coals from the woodstove in place of a block heater under a leaky oil pan. Thanks for the tips, guys.

After today, you’ll only find “Click and Clack” on podcast. To quote our president: “Sad.” But cheer up, for everything else, there will be another year after this winter. It will only seem like forever.


4 Comments on “Last chance weekend”

  1. Terry says:

    I can’t say enough ‘good jobs’ to you, Dale, for your end of the week comments!!
    I manage to connect to each of them, especially today’s.
    THANKS, and keep up the exceptional work at NCPR.

  2. Mr. Wakiki says:

    Halfway thought the show here and feel the tears in the back of my throat

    I never wasted a perfectly good hour listening to Car Talk

    or went runny “every time we say it, this is Car Talk”

    Car Talk, what a great ride it was

  3. Mr. Wakiki says:

    Next NPR fund raiser, how about giving out the Brothers Laughing as cell phone ringer.

    .. And as Terry mentioned, Thanks Mr. Hobson for the nice weekend cheer

  4. Linda Logan says:

    Through all the years and in all the places across the country where I have lived, I have tuned in to Car Talk. Not only because I loved Tom and Ray and their joyful humor but because it made me feel connected with my dad, an engineer who also loved Car Talk and who died in 2002. My Saturday mornings will have a hollow in them now. Thank you for broadcasting the show.

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