Was that our Brian Mann on NPR?

Don’t panic! Yes, in recent weeks you’ve heard NCPR’s Adirondack Bureau Chief Brian Mann reporting from Houston in the wake of the hurricane, and from Las Vegas following the mass shooting. But is he still ours?

Brian Mann. Photo: Nancie Battaglia

Brian Mann. Photo: Nancie Battaglia

Here’s the deal. For many years, as you probably know, Brian has been providing stories from the Adirondack North Country for NPR’s news programs. Occasionally, NPR would contact Brian to cover something a little farther afield if they needed to get a reporter on the ground quickly (e.g., in Ithaca and Quebec).

Now, Brian, NPR and NCPR have a new arrangement. Brian continues as the station’s Adirondack Bureau Chief, providing enterprising and investigative coverage of regional stories, along with a paddle postcard here and there. In addition, he is now NPR’s northeast regional correspondent. This formalizes his relationship with our network. No substantive changes, just a clarified connection.

However, you will hear two things over time: more stories from Brian on NPR programs, and, from time to time–as with Houston and Las Vegas–NPR may call on Brian to fill in coverage outside of the Adirondack North Country.

Bottom line: we are so proud of the work Brian is doing, proud to call him ours–and yours–and honored to have him help NPR do its job for the entire country.

Congratulations, Brian.

6 Comments on “Was that our Brian Mann on NPR?”

  1. Peter Klein says:

    As long as NPR is picking up the cost and not you, I’m okay with it.

  2. John Ryan says:

    Brian is one great reporter. I hope he’s with NCPR forever.

  3. Mark Bergman says:

    Congrats Brian. Well deserved recognition. I always smile when I hear your voice on NPR. “I knew him when…”

  4. charlie frenette says:

    Brian is a great investigative reporter…who digs to find the truth. His journalism is topical and interesting. It is good for him personally to have a chance to broaden his horizons and further his career. And it is good for us as listeners as he will gain new perspectives and context. I am glad we still have him.

  5. Colleen says:

    I heard Brian on NPR this morning and wondered if it was NCPR Brian! Keep up the good work.

  6. I am so very proud of our north country radio station and its superlative staff! I get excited when I hear our very own Brian Mann covering national news and then worried that he might be lured away! We are so fortunate to have such talented people in our midst—and not just Brian! Thank you NCPR!!

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