Predictions for 2019

Crystal ball. Photo: Mo, Creative Commons, some rights reserved

Even though it is so much easier to predict the past, people insist on trying to predict the future, and this year is no exception. Here’s what global thinkers are telling NPR’s Goats and Soda blog. As you would expect from a public media entity, their thoughts are informative and reasonable. Also inclusive – they invite readers to submit their own SWAG (Scientific Wild-Ass Guess).

But admit it, the predictifying we love best comes from the wearers of tinfoil headgear, the hashified swamis and other disciples of the mystic arts. The psychic expert of the UK’s Sunday Express laments, “What is most strange about the Nostradamus predictions is that they do not appear to have any references to Brexit.”

World renowned psychic Betsey Lewis says “The Phoenix days have arrived as the mythical bird begins to fly from Earth Mother bringing huge upheavals and changes to our planet.” That’s what I’m talking about. For 2019, she predicts “Mysterious booms will continue in 2019 and will be associated with deep inner Earth movement. Continued reports of sinkholes. Also, strange deep core earth movement taking place worldwide.” More also: UFO coverups, a flu pandemic, and “Due to extreme weather and winds, humans will eventually turn to building round houses.”

“Noah the Time Traveler” has allegedly been to the year 2030 and back, so I expect he has read all the future editions of the National Enquirer. He says that friendly aliens (slender with “bold skin”) are coming. You can verify this by traveling in time yourself, but you will have to wait until 2028, when the technology will be invented.

As for me, I went to the Speaking Tree website to peer into my personal future history. Numerologically calculated from my date of birth – “2019 is about rearranging things in life. Don’t stress too much on things that won’t matter in the next five years. Rearrange your home décor for good luck. Focus on small issues, and it’ll lead your path to big goals.”

So true, so true.

Go ahead. Take off in your own astral plane and tell us in a comment below what you think 2019 will bring into being.


2 Comments on “Predictions for 2019”

  1. David Duff says:

    Ncpr old guard will continue on their independent, non ncpr lives. New, younger and eager blood will bring new perspectives while honoring what went before. We will begin anew with 50 years of incredibly powerful and informative radio experience setting the standard. Happy New Year All!

  2. Peter Klein says:

    I predict the Democrats will become so filled with hate for Trump and his supporters that they will explode into millions of pieces.
    I predict the news will continue to not be the news but will continue to be opinion.
    I predict China will continue to become the greatest threat to the USA while Russia will continue to be accused of being the greatest threat to the USA.
    I predict that large corporations will continue to sell out the USA for money from its enemies.

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