Receiving a college degree is a big deal. For some, it’s not only a personal but a family milestone as well. Yesterday I was honored to give the Commencement speech at Paul Smith’s College. I was incredibly moved. So many of the graduates are the first in their families to have this opportunity and seeing them succeed at earning a degree is about as good as it gets. My heartfelt congratulations to all–and that “all” includes those graduating this month from colleges across the region.

Dale posted a very nice picture of me delivering the speech for our Photo of the Day:

Nancie Battaglia also took this, hmm, more candid shot, as I stood behind President John Mills, with Professor Curt Stager behind me:

Yikes! I have to give a speech now?

Y’all will be pleased to know I kept my remarks to under 10 minutes, which may be why a few people have asked for a transcript. You can read it (though I ad libbed a good deal in the delivery) here.

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3 Comments on “Congratulations”

  1. Adam says:

    Have fun paying for your college education. All that “Extra money” you make at your job (which you won’t find around here) will be going towards your monthly loans. Sucker written on your forehead. Congrats!

  2. Fred Goss says:

    You can be snide about a college education if you wish but, as the late Pat Moynihan used to say, “everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but not to their own set of facts.”

    Over a lifetime college grads earn significantly more than those without the degree. Howmuch my liberal arts degree truly “prepared” me for the world of work is debatable, but I know I only got my first job and foot on the ladder because I had it on my resume

  3. Chris Robinson says:

    Sniff! I’m just so proud to know you.

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