Meeting Jackie Robinson

Don Mesibov is a North Country resident who works with school districts across New York state as an educational consultant and a staff developer. He’s a co-founder of the Institute for Learning Centered Education, and a member of the education department at St. Lawrence University. But back in the 1960s when Don attended Boston University, his goal was to be a sports announcer. In his junior year, he heard that his hero, Jackie Robinson, was going to be inducted into the Hall of Fame. Days later, Don heard that Jackie Robinson was coming to town, so he grabbed his audio gear. He tracked down his hero and spent 45 minutes conducting his dream interview. It’s a day he’ll never forget, and fifty years later, he still has the tape to prove it happened.

Recently Don came to the NCPR studios and recorded a phone conversation with Dick Gordon, host of the national program The Story. That talk aired yesterday (Monday) and if you missed it then, you can listen here: Meeting Jackie Robinson
And you can watch Jackie Robinson steal home:

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  1. Martha says:

    My mother-in-law tells a great story about a day during her nurses training when she struck up a conversation with a man in a waiting room at the hospital. After the lovely little talk they had, she returned to where her classmates were gathered. Mouths were agape…no one would believe that my mother-in-law hadn’t recognized the man as Jackie Robinson.

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