We are where we shop to eat

Canton is Price Chopper crazy today.  After two months sans supermarket, Price Chopper opened here.

It’s a zoo in there.  You’d think the concept of a supermarket was just invented today.


“The signage is so clear!”

“I haven’t been able to get a green pepper in Canton in months!”

“I love the sales!”

“The place that delivers Mayan Chocolate ice cream back into my life is getting serious ups!”

“They even have cool sound effects of thunder when the vegetables are about to be sprayed with a mist of water!”  (OK, I said that.)

Meanwhile, an army of Price Chopper foot soldiers are keeping up appearances and maintaining order.  Nicole Hart (above) is here for a week from Albany.  She says people were brought in from as far away as Binghamton.

North Country Public Radio’s studios are almost across the street from P&C–>PC.  Almost everyone shopped at the P&C.  Radio Bob got the chicken wings for lunch.  Dale brought donuts some mornings.  Kelly mined the salad bar.  I worked the olive bar heavily and loved the habanero cheese.

But now some of those things are gone.  It’s amazing to think how much our diets are shaped by what the nearest corporate grocer find profitable to offer.  You know the saying, “you are what you eat.”  It’s also true that you are where you shop to eat.

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