No more rehearsing

I love radio (theater of the mind) and live theater on the stage.

As I write this, I and the other Grasse River Players cast and crew members of “Doubt, A Parable” are in the midst of the final dress rehearsal in Potsdam. The show opens Friday night, and I’m reminded of the song from classic Warner Brothers cartoons:

“Overture, curtains, lights,
This is it, the night of nights!
No more rehearsing and nursing a part,
We know every part by heart!”

I studied theater in college and stepping back on stage after years of sitting in the audience has been a total thrill. A fun challenge.

I think if you ask any performer, from community theater to Broadway, they’ll tell you there’s a certain “rush” being center stage.

Todd Moe (Father Flynn), Jennifer deCoste (director), Dorothy Mallam (Sister Aloysius), Dominique Paul (Mrs. Muller), and Julia Ferreri (Sister James).

“Doubt, A Parable” opens Friday night (8 pm) in the Snell Hall auditorium in downtown Potsdam. Set in 1964, the award-winning play tells the story of Sister Aloysius, a Bronx school principle, in her pursuit of truth and justice regarding Father Flynn and the suspicious relationship he has formed with one of his students. More than a “Did he do it?”, the play examines religion, morality, certainty and gender. It’s a one act play that runs about 90 minutes. Playwright John Patrick Shanley says Act Two is the discussion during the car ride home after the play.

Another reason to come to the show this weekend: I’m a pretty quiet, stoic guy. But in “Doubt”, my character, Father Flynn, gets mad. Really angry. Want to see me mad? Come to the show!

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3 Comments on “No more rehearsing”

  1. Ellen Rocco says:

    Todd–Is Friday night the only performance night? When/where else can we see the show?

  2. Todd Moe says:

    The show runs tonight (Friday) and Saturday night at 8pm. Tickets are $8 and you can get them at the door.

  3. Shelly Pike says:

    I was so glad to have caught the show on opening night! As you promised, the show made me think…and I am still thinking about it. Thank you to you and all in the GRP who helped bring this story to life on Clarkson’s Snell Hall stage. Bravo!

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