Jet stream adjustment?

Is it my imagination or has the St. Lawrence Valley been bypassed by large snowfalls in recent years? Everything seems to fall south of us. What does today’s weather look like in your neck of the woods? Here in DeKalb, driving horizontal wind with very little snow (perhaps 3 or 4 inches prior to noon), and now that the wind has subsided a bit, steadier and heavier snow coming down. But if this storm turns out like storms earlier this winter and in recent past winters, we’ll see a fraction of the snow falling in the Adirondacks or down towards Saratoga Springs. What gives? I haven’t even needed snowshoes yet to make it through the meadow and woods (though after today’s storm I probably will). For goodness sake, winter is half over. So, yes, tell me what it looks like out your window today…and this winter.


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  1. Pete Klein says:

    Lots of snow here in Indian Lake. Probably over a foot new.
    Just for your weather wise info, just east of you, the Platsburgh area is the driest area snow and rain in NYS.
    Just be happy you have avoided ice storms as well as snow storms.

  2. Jeff says:

    Only 8 inches from yesterday’s storm-central Lewis county, wind wasn’t much to speak of, little drifting. The weather folks have been over-adjectivizing on these big storms. MONSTER-not. Total on ground with settling 17″

  3. Lucy Martin says:

    We have snow in my neck of the woods (Kars, Ontario) but up until yesterday it wasn’t a whole heck of a lot.

    Wednesday’s storm was the first one this winter that justified setting trusty shovels aside in favor of hauling out the snow blower. And even so, I don’t think it was even 15 cm (6 inches), though the wind drifts were _considerably_ higher! (And I did need snowshoes for today’s meadow & creek walk.)

    One 6″ snowfall, barely. And just scatterings of fluff before that. Meanwhile, our friend in Connecticut is at her wit’s end with snow, snow and yet more snow – with no where to put it.

    I can’t say if this is a major aberration since we have only been here for 11 years. And every year has been different, weather wise.

    Winter rocks. As long as there is snow. Otherwise, what’s the point?

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