Still swingin’ and strummin’ after all these years

Thousands gathered for a “flurry” of dancing and music at the Saratoga City Center last weekend. The annual Dance Flurry Festival celebrated its 25th anniversary. There were dancers of all ages enjoying everything from Salsa to Scandinavian.

Originally it was a one-day event in Guilderland back in 1987. Since then, the Flurry, as it’s called, has evolved into the entire Presidents’ Day weekend, drawing performers, teachers, callers, volunteers, and of course, dancers from across the country.

Swinging to live music at the 25th Anniversary Dance Flurry Festival in Saratoga Springs.

I was there for part of the three-day extravaganza, and was lucky enough to chat with renowned dance caller and musician Paul Rosenberg who founded the Dance Flurry Festival. He told me it’s unbelievable that the festival he started 25 years ago has grown over the years. “I knew the Festival would last at least one year, and it went well the first year and we said let’s do it a second year, and then it just kept growing,” he said. We’ll hear more from Paul and other Flurry voices during The Eight O’clock Hour next week.

The best part of the Flurry is that no matter what kind of music or dancing you like, there’s something for everyone. I had to snap this photo from an acoustic jam featuring fiddles, flutes, banjos, guitars, dulcimers and a tuba!

Lots of smiles and even a tubist at an acoustic jam.

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