Next steps for public media junkies

This past fall I assistant taught the Transom Story Workshop, where aspiring producers spent 7 weeks learning everything they could about radio. At the end of the workshop, they made a pact: to continue producing, no matter what. And to have a project completed by mid-February.

Keeping up my end of the bargain was easy–it’s my job to do things like go ice sailing and record it for North Country Public Radio. But it’s a lot harder to return to normal life where you aren’t paid to make radio stories and go out and find the time to make them anyway.

But they’re doing it. And the stories are great. For your listening pleasure – a candy man, giving blood for sport, sharing a name a pop star, and love and other firsts.


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  1. Bob Falesch says:

    Whenever I visit Transom, I hear Studs Terkel in my mind’s background: “I’m talkin’ about rayyyyy-deee-ohhhhhh”, and “I tape, therefore I am”, along with memories of Studs on the radio every weekday with a story to tell. Long live public media and radio story-telling! (also, long live commercial radio that can feature a guy like Studs, daily, for thirty-five years)

    How great that you were there to help with the story workshop. I thought “The Candy Man” was especially tight and conveyed so fluidly the character of the guy who “owns” the candy aisle. Whitney Jones’ pieces drove me to Nice to make that discovery.

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