Ladies, steer clear of Ogden-Clearfield, Utah


Okay, you’ve never even heard of the place and weren’t planning to go there. But if you’re looking for a job, be prepared to be paid 65 cents on the dollar, compared to your male counterparts. See the list of the ten worst-paying cities for women in this article from 24/7 Wall Street.

It’s better for women in NYS–we earn about 86 cents on the dollar, compared to men’s wages. Here’s an article from the US Bureau of Labor on wages for men and women in NYS and the US (2010). And, from the New York Times, this article for women seeking a pay raise.

Today is International Women’s Day, and March is our month, gals. What issues are on your mind–issues that relate to being a woman in the US in the 21st century? Guys, feel free to weigh in here, too, with issues you think have an impact on women.

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