…a few of our apprentices, part of the “next generation” effort at NCPR.

SLU student and NCPR apprentice Alex Durocher helping take your phone calls. Ordinarily, Alex works with our digital and news team.

Thanks to the Adirondack Community Trust, partnering with us on a Knight Foundation Grant, we are bringing young people into the working world of public media. And, they’re pitching in this week to help with the fundraiser.

Membership director June Peoples talking with SLU intern Katherine Howe about a phone donation. Katherine usually works with our digital team on and other new media platforms.

Esther Kim, SUNY Potsdam intern, who is working on audio material for use on the air and online.

Thanks to Alex, Katherine, and Esther (plus Roger Miller, another SLU intern who wasn’t around this morning, but did answer phones earlier this week and who also works with our digital and news teams)–you’re playing it forward. We’re proud to have you in our shop.

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