Keep the window open

Thank you.

In case you haven’t heard, last week’s fundraiser was a success. Our goal was $240,000 and by the time June and Naomi had tallied up gifts that arrived through the weekend, we had topped $247,000. Yesterday afternoon I had a call from a woman who directs one of the largest public radio associations. She said, “This spring, most stations are happy if they are only 5-10% below fundraising goals.”

By the end of last week, I was worried. Who wouldn’t be? You know as well as station staff that the prospect of having to raise $30,000 in half a day (that’s what we were facing Friday evening) is daunting–if not impossible in this rural region.

But you make NCPR a success story…again.

Rhetoricians at a Window. Jan Steen

It’s complicated. It takes hard work here at the station–all year, every day. With the rapid expansion of online and digital platforms, we are asking staff to do more and more. Job creep. No matter how thrifty we are, our budget increases each year. It requires scrupulous adherence to basic principles; it requires fluidity and flexibility to respond to our rapidly changing media environment.

It’s not so complicated. We have you. Your window is open. We lean on the sill. Neighbors. We talk. You encourage us to keep up the good work. You are generous. Times are uncertain but you find a way to keep us going.

Thank you for your encouragement, thank you for your generosity. Thank you, neighbor.

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