Cross-species love

Our friends could no longer care for their pair of llamas–Dolly and Daisy–so, of course, we adopted them. Lambing season began in early January, a  month or so after the llamas arrived. Now, the llamas–dignified and a tad aloof–are just getting used to the sheep. The sheep and lambs consider the llamas part of the landscape, and Dolly and Daisy, like two elderly aunts, calmly accept the rambunctious frolicking, though I’m pretty sure I hear them tsk-ing occasionally.

I take lots of pictures of our animals and the farm. As I went through the latest batch, I once again felt I’d failed to quite capture the playfulness of the lambs and the loveliness of the llamas. And then I realized that over and over again it was Bill and a lamb or Bill and the llamas…loving each other…that made me smile.

Bill’s constant and quiet attentiveness has made the flock a joy to be with. He loves the animals, and they love him.

Coaxing outdoors.

I was going to stop right here. Aah, but then there are the two orphaned lambs living in Bill’s shop so we can bottle feed them…



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  1. wj says:


    This is great. Everybody looks happy.

  2. Mike says:

    All is well!

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