Listening Post: Daily dose

I’ve been a fan of the New York Times daily headlines email for many years. It’s the first stop on my morning news beat, because (I confess) I check email in bed with my first cup of morning coffee. I don’t always click through to an article, but sometimes I click through to more than one, and I always give the newsletter at least a good scan.  I’m listening, of course, to Todd Moe and Morning Edition at the same time. Between them, I feel I have the start to a well-informed day.

My love of the NYT email newsletter led me years ago to create a weekdaily email  for NCPR, but it seems to be a well-guarded secret–only 400 subscribers, compared to more than 4,000 for this weekly Listening Post. At first, I thought, maybe not everyone gobbles down news like I do. But then I realized, probably most of you don’t even know it exists.

And that’s because the most common way to become subscribed to the Listening Post is to make a donation to NCPR, and to check the box that gives us permission to send you email on the donation form. We’ve always just signed you up for the Listening Post, but only because the Daily Regional News Brief didn’t exist when we started doing this. To get the News Brief, you have had to scout out the location of our subscription page in the clutter of our website and sign yourself up. Oh the weight of habit.

For those who have never seen it, it has all of the news stories from The Eight O’clock Hour, plus the Photo of the Day, plus the top NPR news stories at the time of sending, plus all the events in today’s Community Calendar. Tomorrow’s edition will also carry the three most recent posts from our In Box news blog. Basically, it’s our home page and our calendar, delivered to you every day. Free, of course.

This is by far the easiest and most comprehensive way to keep up with the full range of what’s happening in the region and at NCPR. I encourage all of you to sign up. Go here, enter your email address, check the box next to “Daily Headlines.” Click submit. Done.

It will come to you every weekday, just in time for your mid-morning coffee break.



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