Sweet spots: “Heavenly Hana” and Canadian maple syrup

I am still visiting family in Hawaii. This week included a treat: several nights at Waianapanapa State Park near Hana, Maui. Lovely, lovely setting, including a fabulous black sand beach and good coastline hikes on rocky lava shores.

Hiking trail past Pailoa Bay, Waianapanapa State Park  (photo by L. Martin)

Now here it must be said that the cabins have seen some long, hard use. They weren’t awful, but they could definitely be in better shape. We had cabin one – perfectly clean, nice setting. But  it was a surprise to only have two forks for a cabin that sleeps six and was presented as coming with a basic kitchen set up. Luckily, we had brought some cutlery, plates and pots of our own or the cooking and eating would have been quite challenging.

I know, I know. “No spoons or knives and only 2 forks” hardly sounds like anything to notice when the reward is time in Hana. We brought plenty of store bought and home-grown food (bananas, avos, mangoes) so the eats were good. For pancakes one morning we splurged on maple syrup “made in Canada” purchased at the iconic Hasegawa General Store. (I could have bought a jug four times bigger for less at the Kahului CostCo, but in this case it felt nice to “buy local” twice by getting Canadian stuff in Hana.)

What, you’ve never heard of the Hasegawa General Store? Established in 1910 by two brothers, Shoichi and Saburo Hasegawa, the store has its own song and is one of the few family-owned general stores still hanging on in Hawaii.

St Joseph’s Catholic Church, Kaupo dates from 1862. They have a roof fund that could use more help. (photo and small monetary donation by L. Martin.)

Windmills on the remote Kaupo/Ulupalakua portion of the coast line. (photo by L. Martin)

Speaking of syrup, after a stunning drive around the Kaupo side of Maui I am now back in the metropolis of Paia where I have Internet access. I am also not quite on this time zone (6 hours behind Ottawa) so I wake up early. That gives me some time to check in on events in Canada. Which is how I saw this from the Montreal Gazette on more arrests in, and a re-cap of, the great maple syrup heist.

OK, if I hurry I can add some pictures to this post and then I gotta run. Today I will be the SAG (support and gear) car for a relative’s attempt to cycle up Haleakala. I see sore muscles and sunburn ahead.

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