Plums! Pie!

I’ve just moved back to the North Country from Burlington, Vermont. It’s meant some big changes. For one, I now work in a real office, not at my kitchen table. It means getting dressed in more than just sweat pants in the morning, and actually seeing my colleagues every day.

And I’m also making the transition to rural living. Before, we lived in a densely packed Winooski neighborhood. You could hear the neighbors’ dogs — and, let’s be honest, the neighbors–plus the dull roar of planes flying in and out of the Burlington International Airport. Now, I live Winthrop (or maybe West Stockholm, I’m not totally sure which), and hear a different sort of cacophony:  birds, crickets and frogs, the brook pattering by, punctuated by an occasional car.

photo001The joy of both of those transitions was made evident to me last night and this morning. My partner Joe and I discovered a plum tree in the yard, and spent the evening harvesting these:

And this morning, my colleague Tasha Haverty emailed the office with an offer we couldn’t resist. The subject line: peach raspberry pie. Cue a mass migration of NCPR staff  to the kitchen. As you can see, we made short work of it!

It’s good to be back in the North Country. And if you have any good plum recipes, share them below!


2 Comments on “Plums! Pie!”

  1. Dale Hobson says:

    And a mighty fine pie it was during its very brief existence in the NCPR kitchen. Tasha once worked for Petsi Pies ( in Somerville, MA. Add it to your food tour when you’re next in metro Boston. Other Somerville highlights: Redbones for barbeque, Taza Chocolate factory tour and store, S&S Restaurant Deli for classic deli. Somerville is also home to an annual “Fluff” festival, celebrating the marshmallow-based condiment invented there.

    Don’t be hungry. Dale Hobson, NCPR

  2. Lucy Martin says:

    Oh, how funny. I was literally eating leftovers of this easy Russian apple cake from Smitten Kitchen when I opened this post. It’s not a plum recipe, but it’s pretty tasty. The zucchini parmesan crisps zucchini parmesan crisps look worth trying too.

    Mmm, fresh stuff from the yard!

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