Listening Post: All eat up with the ugly

The blobfish: world's ugliest animal? Photo: NOAA

The blobfish: world’s ugliest animal? Photo: NOAA

Mother Nature has clearly whacked some of her unfortunate children with “the ugly stick.” My morning browse of NPR brought this item to light: Blobfish Named ‘Ugliest Animal’, which I thought was kind of cruel, right up until I saw the photo. Yup, that sucker is uhhgleee. The loathsome nomination was made by an online vote to choose the mascot for the Ugly Animal Preservation Society. Here’s how the BBC describes the group:

The society is a whimsical British organization that mixes comedy with science to raise awareness about “the threats facing … weird and wonderful creatures.”

So they’re not just a bunch of meanies. Also in the running for the dubious distinction: the proboscis monkey, British bats, and the flightless dung beetle. Look them up, but not on a full stomach.

I have my own candidates, including the lamentable featherless chicken (deliberately bred for crowded conditions in hot climates), the pathetic hairless Sphynx cat (now that must have just been mean), and the shovel-handed, worm-snouted star-nosed mole.

None of these creatures are common sights in the North Country (thank God), but even these green and pleasant lands have their share of ugly. NCPR’s Photo of the Day feature has been a great showcase for nature’s beauties–blue heron in flight, graceful whitetails, gem-like butterflies–but what about the homely, the lop-sided and the freakish? Submit your best worst shots on the Photo of the Day submission page or submit via email to [email protected]


4 Comments on “Listening Post: All eat up with the ugly”

  1. Michael Greer says:

    We had a hairless fox here in the yard a few years ago. I looked like some sort of zombiefied cat, and sent a real chill of fear through me even after I’d figured out what it really was.

  2. Aw, now he’s not THAT ugly! He’s almost kinda cute… at least to his mother… And he’s actually better looking than some of the human specimens I encountered this afternoon…

  3. knuckleheadedliberal says:

    I think I know that guy…

  4. Belle says:

    Aside from the picture that someone took of ME at a wedding yesterday (ewwww!), the ugliest thing(s) I’ve seen lately happened to be on my deck and on the rain barrel: Bloated slug-looking things that, when you touched them even slightly, exploded. With blood. They were everywhere for a couple of weeks. Gone now.
    Don’t have a photo, but they sure looked like they may have been satiated ticks that fell off the host. Ugly—and creepy! Any ideas, anyone?

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