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Martha Foley says, "Please. Thank you...and here's how."

Martha Foley says, “Please. Thank you…and here’s how.”

Please. Thank you.

That could be the beginning and end, plus everything in between, as we start our 6-day fundraiser.

Please (give money now). Thank you (for doing your part).

But it’s never that easy. Some of you have already donated generously to the spring fundraising effort. You’ve responded to mail and email and to on air reminders. Thank you.

Many of you plan to contribute during the on air fundraising week. Thank you, in advance.

Now, I’m wondering about those of you who listen to NCPR or use our various digital services but have not been moved to give us some money.

Please. Thank you.

We are fueled by two things: money and trust. Obviously, money gives us the capacity to pay our staff–the people who produce the programs and content you care about; money gives us the wherewithal to buy programs, equipment, and everything else we need to keep the shop afloat.

Trust is the glue.

You trust us to do our best to bring you award-winning radio and digital content, plus a load of other services. You trust the work you hear or see from NCPR. You come back to us on a regular basis.

We trust you to contribute something to keep NCPR doing its job.

Radio Bob says, "Why not? What's better than kicking in a few bucks...Please. Thank you."

Radio Bob says, “Why not? What’s better than kicking in a few bucks…Please. Thank you.”

That trust is real. I’m not just saying something that sounds cool. Here’s how our trust is real: we do not place monetary barriers on the access road. You don’t have to pay us any money for a “subscription” for our broadcasts or our digital content. It’s all there for you to use and enjoy. As much as you want. You won’t get a notice saying, “You have had your 10 free articles for the month. Now you have to pay.”

Why do we trust you? Because you have proven you’re trustworthy. For 46 years, NCPR listeners and online visitors have voluntarily supported our work.

But here’s the dark underbelly of that fabulous success story: only a small percentage of our regular listeners and digital users contribute and through their contributions support everyone else who is taking advantage of all NCPR has to offer.

Don’t be a part of the dark underbelly! Come out into the sunlight!

Kick in a few bucks or a lot of bucks. Help your friends, neighbors and others across the region who give us money and who share NCPR with you.

Please. Thank you.


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