Geo-location without GPS

Working on the Main Street mosaic in North Creek. Photo: Ellen Rocco

Working on the Main Street mosaic in North Creek. Photo: Ellen Rocco

Take a trip with me for a moment.

You’re driving along a road in Somewhere, U.S.A. You know you’re approaching the next town because there’s a Walmart on the left, a Lowe’s on the right, and a string of fast food joints on both sides of the road along with quick stop gas stations and strip malls.

Where are you? Somewhere, anywhere.

Turn on your radio.

If you’re within earshot of NCPR, you’ll know within minutes where you are and how to find out more about the region. We tell the story of the North Country, and we bring that story to the nation. Of course, we also bring the best and most important of the news and stories from around the country and the world, through NPR and our colleagues in public media.

Ice fishing on Black Lake. Photo: Ellen Rocco

Ice fishing on Black Lake. Photo: Ellen Rocco

If you live in the Tug Hill, you’ve heard us cover the outdoors culture based on the stupendous amount of snow that falls each winter.

If you live on Lake Champlain, you’ve heard our story about ice sailing.

If you live in the Thousand Islands, you know we’ve covered the debate around wind power development.

If you live in the Adirondacks, I know you’ve heard our on-going coverage of the debate around the use of the railroad right of way.

If you live in North Creek, you’ve seen stories about the Main Street mosaic mural.

If you live in Canton, you may be participating in the discussion around public school consolidation. We cover that.

If you present cultural events in Lake Placid or Indian Lake, Heuvelton or Old Forge, Plattsburgh or Glens Falls, we let listeners across the region know about what you’ve offering.

We do not serve North America. We serve the Adirondack North Country and our neighbors in northern Vermont and southeastern Ontario. That’s our beat. That’s our turf. You find us on your radio or at

No GPS required. All we need is your support to keep it going, to keep the story of our distinct geography and culture on the air and online.

Please contribute now. It’s a lot cheaper than buying a GPS.

Thank you.


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  1. mrwakiki says:

    If you are listening at the top of the hour… you might actually hear the town you are in via what station you are in..

    as in 91.3 Blue Mountain Lake; 90.5 Saranac Lake; and so on

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