You are award-winners

gold-award_310During the past year, the entire public radio system recognized NCPR for its innovative approach to fundraising. Specifically, June Peoples received the Development Professional of the Year Award.

June says, “I didn’t win that award, our NCPR contributors won it.”

The bottom line: our collaboration with you to raise money without interrupting programs was ground-breaking. We are leading the entire public radio community. That’s “we“–you and the staff at the station.

It works when you respond to this simple message: the time to give is now. Not later, not during fundraising that disrupts programs. Now. Let’s keep breaking records and leading the way together. All from our little perch in our remote north country. All because of you.

Because you understand this remarkable fact about NCPR: we are supported by people who use us, on air or online. Because you don’t need us interrupting programs to tell you this. Short reminders are all you need. . .

It’s Time to Give!

You get it. That’s why you’ve made us all winners.

Ellen Rocco

airtravel_90P.S. Don’t forget, everyone who donates is automatically entered into our grand prize drawing, for $2,500 in airfare anywhere, which comes when we reach our $330,000 goal. We’re most of the way there, but there are only a few days left in our “quiet drive.” You don’t have to donate to win, but we hope you’ll be a part of our success!


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