This is it. . .

. . .we’re almost there! We’ll reach our $330,000 goal today if everyone helps with the heavy lifting right now.

The time to give–is right now!

timeisnow_310Help us change forever the way we raise funds. Make NCPR better and more welcoming for everyone.

Stations all over the country are embracing this idea, and it started with you. NCPR listeners led the way in showing that you care enough about public media to give without having the programs you love interrupted with long broadcast pledge drives.

Our community, and this station, operates on trust. You understand that all of the stories, insight, laughter and music that make home so special only happen when we work together.

If you haven’t made your donation, please don’t wait. You will make a difference and help us reach our goal today.

Give online now!

or call us at 877-388-6277 to lend your support to the ambitious work that makes this station a rare and special place for you and for everyone.

Thank You!
June Peoples


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  1. Laurie and Ron says:

    Amazing. That’s all I can say. Not really, but that’s all I’m GONNA say for now!

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