Ellenakimbo_200Here at NCPR we are just catching our breath, and smiling ear to ear. Jumping up and down, too.

You did it. You are now in the public radio history books: a full-blown fall fundraiser without a single program interruption.

I will be sharing news of this success with our colleagues across the country. We all wondered if last year’s experiment could be repeated.

So, congratulate yourselves: not only did you repeat last year’s success, you did even better.

No program interruptions! Not one! And we reached our largest goal ever.

Thank you for supporting NCPR. Thank you for every story, award and milestone we’ll achieve together this year. We are so proud to be your public radio station.

With gratitude from all at NCPR,
Ellen Rocco

2 Comments on “THANK YOU!”

  1. Daisy says:

    Yes, but that’s WE did it. You started it!! Ellen, you are remarkable.

  2. Ellen Rocco says:

    Gotta push back, Daisy–YOU, and all the people who make NCPR what it is, are REMARKABLE. Thank you!

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