Working out the kinks

You may notice that the Listening Post e-mail newsletter looks a lot different from previous editions. For one thing, if you’re looking at it on a phone, rather than on your computer or tablet, you can actually read it. And if you need strong glasses like I do, it’s also easier to read on big screens, too. But you should find that the content is the same with minor exceptions.

constantcontact_450I have spent much of the last week making a transition from our old e-mail service to the new one, Constant Contact. That process is mostly complete, but not entirely. Some who subscribed only to the weekly Listening Post, but not to the NCPR Daily emails, are receiving both, and for that I apologize.

It will take a couple days to sort out the separate subscription lists and make the transition to new subscription forms that will allow you to reliably manage your subscriptions. If you are receiving the Daily and do not want it, please wait another day or two before unsubscribing, as using the current unsubscribe link on the Daily emails will also unsubscribe you from the Listening Post.

The biggest content change is that the old system could bring in complete calendar event info via an automated feed. That work is done by hand now and is limited to event title, date and time, and it links back to the calendar for complete information.

Once the kinks are worked out, I think you will like the new system. As the person who puts together the e-mails, I already do. Even though I am still learning the best ways to use it, it is already saving me time, and the emails themselves make a better read on all devices. Let me know what you think so far in a comment below.


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