Help NCPR fight for the facts

Content is cheap. Journalism costs money.

And with your support, NCPR has created a lot of the latter, sending reporters to put boots on the ground where needed, to dig into the background of stories, to find the facts behind the press releases and spin.

Journalism is not done with bots and memes and clickbait headlines. It’s done with talented and persistent people who fight for the facts with all the resources available. We have been so privileged to have you behind us in this effort.

But sometime in the last few years, huge swaths of the media world have turned away from responsible fact-based reporting and toward agenda-based coverage that seems to have found a wide audience willing to do without facts altogether, or willing to accept whatever “alternative facts” support their point of view.

At NCPR, we feel that countering this dangerous trend calls for extraordinary effort on our part, and needs extraordinary resources to double-down on NCPR’s commitment to finding, analyzing and reporting the facts that lie behind the day-to-day events important to our audience.

That’s why we are coming to you now to ask you to support our Daylight Reporting Fund with a gift, creating a dedicated source of money for our news team to use to pay for the extraordinary expenses of doing investigative work: research tools, Freedom of Information requests, legislative tracking tools, data visualization, reporter training, deep background work, necessary travel and more.

NCPR has already done award-winning investigative work using the resources at hand, but we feel strongly at this time that we need to do more, to go deeper than ever, to bring into the daylight the hidden stories that shape North Country life.

We plan to raise $50,000 this week to launch the dedicated fund. We hope you share our sense of urgency and will give as generously as you can to. . .

Support NCPR’s Daylight Reporting Fund

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4 Comments on “Help NCPR fight for the facts”

  1. Pete Klein says:

    Trump won. Hillary lost. All news is sounding like fake news. Time to go fishing or watch reruns.

  2. Ellen Rocco says:

    I am by nature skeptical, Pete. But I am not cynical. I am a pessimist, but hopeful. It’s not fair to our children and those who follow us to give up, throw in the towel, say, “it’s all gone to hell, why bother?” So, instead, we work and try harder. An example: our Daylight Reporting Fund.


  3. Pete Klein says:

    Hope springs eternal, Ellen, and I am with you on that score. But some times you do need to take a breather from the madding crowd.

  4. Ellen Rocco says:

    Yes, Pete, I couldn’t agree more–stepping back, taking a deep breath, throwing in a fishing line–all needed from time to time. However, as a news organization, we can’t indulge that luxury. Individually, yes, but as a journalism operation, we’re on duty 24/7. It’s what we do…for people in this neck of the woods. Hey, cast a line for me–I don’t get a summer vacation. 🙂

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