Another rainy day

Photo: Cherry Bream, Creative Commons, some rights reserved

Photo: Cherry Bream, Creative Commons, some rights reserved

I’m not saying there’s been too much rain; I’m just saying the fire danger is probably extremely low here in the St. Lawrence Valley. And the forecast for the week ahead would warm the cockles of a sump pump salesman’s heart.

No matter. The yard, growing with unnatural Jurassic vigor, can wait. Really, pretty much everything can wait. No need to change out the yoga pants and t-shirt for rain gear. The pantry is full – or full enough – and rain on the roof makes a soothing soundtrack, provided one is warm and dry inside.

There are murder mysteries to solve before the last chapter. It might be time for a trek down the byways of Facebookistan, or perhaps a full cycle of baking, eating and baking again. For the patient and dexterous, much knitting could be accomplished before dinnertime.

This is a great opportunity for exploring the sedate end of the multi-tasking spectrum – staring out the window while listening to the radio, watching Netflix while the dough doubles, pondering the implications of quantum physics while sorting the week’s mail.

And if that all seems too strenuous, try dreaming while napping, or even snoring while drooling. No judgment. It’s another rainy day, and you can always make hay when (or if) the sun ever shines again.


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  1. I really enjoyed your essay, thank you.

  2. Mr. Hobson, you are a treasure and NCPR (as are we all) is/are fortunate to have you. I know you put together the daily email and aside from the BIG stories, everything else you find, the “Obscura”, is fascinating. It’s raining also here in south central PA (me wife, Nancy, and I own a camp on Black Lake) and yes, today was spent baking bread and ‘tater salad for tomorrow’s feast.

  3. Ellen C Butz says:

    Love it.

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