NY-23: Tea party’s Barie reacts to Hoffman decision

Here’s a quote from my interview with Mark Barie, head of the UNYTEA tea party group in Plattsburgh, reacting to Doug Hoffman’s decision to run as a 3rd-party Conservative.

“It’s a very disappointing decision to me.  [Doug Hoffman is] out of money, he has no campaign staff.  He seems to be reliving the dream that occurred in 2009.

His chance of defeating Doheny, much less Doheny and Owens from a 3rd party line with no staff and no money are remote at best.

All he’s really doing is making it easier for [Democratic congressman] Bill Owens to achieve victory.”


6 Comments on “NY-23: Tea party’s Barie reacts to Hoffman decision”

  1. JDM says:

    Sounds like Mr. Barie backed the wrong candidate. That’s up to him.

  2. Mervel says:

    I still say Hoffman is somehow related to Owens, 2nd cousin by marriage?

  3. PNElba says:

    All Hoffman is doing is running. Isn’t that what Mr. Barie wanted, at least at one time. You can argue that Mr. Barie helped create Doug Hoffman. Now Mr. Barie can live with his creation.

  4. Brian says:

    I thought the whole raison d’etre of the Tea Party was that purity was always more important than winning.

  5. Bret4207 says:

    Brian, it is. But we like winning as much as anyone else.

  6. john says:

    This is a comment about this story, in a way, but in another way, it’s a comment about NCPR’s reporting of late, in general. It sounds like you guys are totally over the top on all of this election stuff. Every morning, Martha is parsing poll numbers and repeating prognostication after prognostication. In the afternoon, it’s Jonathan doing the same thing all over again. Now I see your blog is totally filled with all; of this election stuff. The obsession with the Tea Party, the Republicans and occasionally the incumbent Democrat is out of control. The constant news about the horse race … I haven’t heard a reasonable comment about issues in weeks! My own humble opinion: ENOUGH WITH THE GAME! Can we have real news please? This stuff i just BS!

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