The honorable member of Congress from North Country Public Radio?

Back in the day, Queesnbury Congressman Gerald Solomon used to proudly accept the moniker of “‘the Congressman from General Electric.”

In today’s Adirondack Almanack, Mark Wilson is asking — tongue firmly in cheek –whether NCPR will soon “have its own Congressional district” under a new redistricting plan released this week.

Wilson points out that the proposed 21st congressional district closely matches the broadcast area of North Country Public Radio.

In fact, the maps are so closely aligned, one would be hard-pressed to find another Congressional district (not counting Vermont and other single district states) where a single broadcaster has such identical and unrivaled coverage.

If nothing else, this convergence of maps raises a clear question to Bill Owens, Matt Doheny and (potentially) Doug Hoffman: Is your membership paid up?

I’m tempted to make a joke about Super PACs and this month’s big NCPR membership drive…but no.

Check out Mark’s NCPR-NY21 map here.

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4 Comments on “The honorable member of Congress from North Country Public Radio?”

  1. They don’t give Congressional seats to non-profits, only for-profits.

  2. marquil says:

    Hmmm. . .Special Master for redistricting Roanne Mann. . .

    any relation?

  3. Two Cents says:

    Will you have to change the name of The In Box to The Ballot Box?

  4. Ellen Rocco says:

    The good news is this: NCPR does NOT carry political advertisements.

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