Memories of NCPR Call-in Tuesday at 10 am

29406494805_8f7bf320fb_bAt 10 am on Tuesday, we’re opening our phone lines to you to share stories and memories about North Country Public Radio as part of our 50th year anniversary. Phone toll free 1-877-388-6277, Martha Foley, Jackie Sauter and Ellen Rocco will host the call in-with other staff and station friends chiming in through the show.

If you have a question or comment or memory you’d like to share before Tuesday, email it to [email protected] Hope you’ll tune in and call in this Tuesday as we celebrate our 50th together.

Photo: Ellen Rocco (left) and Jackie Sauter at work in the NCPR (then WSLU) front office in Payson Hall at St. Lawrence University in Canton, NY, c. 1983. The station’s very first computer, a Zenith Z-100, is in the background at left.

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  1. Sally Lynch says:

    When my son Ryan was little, sitting in his high chair , he would sing the All Things Considered theme song.

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