Welcome to the new Home of the In Box Blog

This is the new permanent location of the In Box. Please change any book marks you may have to point to the new address:
For RSS feed subscribers, the new feed address is:

Commenters: Commenting will work slightly differently at this new WordPress location. The first comment you make at the new WordPress blog location will not go live immediately, but will go into a moderation queue. Once one of your comments has been approved, all subsequent comments by you will go live when you post them. This is part of the set-up process in the new software.

You will still be able to post using the name “anonymous,” or any other name that you choose. However, the comment form also requires (in addition to a name) an email address (that will never be visible to the public). This is baked into the software, and allows WordPress to distinguish, for example, an anonymous commenter who has been approved before (and therefore gets published without a delay) from a new anonymous commenter, whose first comment goes into the moderation queue before being made visible to the public.

Many older comments have not yet migrated from the previous location. I will work to continue synching up the old comments with the new. Thanks for your patience.

Dale Hobson
NCPR web manager

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  2. LeslieAnne says:

    Oh dear … I hate to sound like the old lady that I am but this change looks hard. It is so hard to follow these “threads” of comment when they’re all tangled up!

  3. Colin says:

    Where are the blogger’s signatures? How do I know who’s writing?

  4. Dale Hobson says:

    Colin asked:
    “Where are the blogger’s signatures? How do I know who’s writing?”

    Thanks. Good question. The author’s byline appears below the post title like this:

    Welcome to the new Home of the In Box Blog
    April 26th, 2010 by Dale Hobson–

    but only on the blog home page.

    On the monthly archive pages, the date, but not the author appears; on the individual post page neither date nor author appears. Thanks for pointing out the problem. I will try to get author’s name to appear wherever the post appears. It might take a little digging.

    Dale Hobson
    NCPR web manager

  5. Kathy says:

    Oh dear. I miss the old In Box already. I will give this one a chance, but it just feels different…

  6. Dale Hobson says:

    Colin: Author names are now showing below the post title, wherever the the post appears. Thanks for the heads-up on this.

    Dale Hobson
    NCPR web manager

  7. fjthies says:

    Hmmm. about 45 minutes ago, I submitted a comment to the post, “We Know What Republicans Want..” and within a minute I was able to read my comment, but it wasalso posted as “being reviewed for ‘moderation’.”

    Now, a half-hour later I go back to that post and find my comment is not available.

    I laughingly hope that this is an aberation and not some new form of Orwellian “moderation” occuring at our publicly funded and privately-supported NCPR.

  8. Dale Hobson says:


    Your comment–the first you made at the new site–went to the moderation queue as part of the set-up process for the new blog site. You could see it immediately after posting, labeled for the moderation queue, because you were in the same browser “session.” You couldn’t see it on your return 45 minutes later, because you were in a new session, and comments held for moderation are not publicly visible.

    You can see it now because I have approved the comments that came in between when I left work and now. Now that one comment from you has been approved, all future comments by you will go live when you make them. This is a one-time thing for all regular commenters on the blog. Sorry for the confusion.

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