NY20: Murphy 45%, Gibson 40%, GOP sees opportunity

National Journal is reporting today that the GOP is adding Republican challenger Chris Gibson to its list of “New Young Guns.”

These are the races around the US where party leaders think they see opportunities for additional pick-ups in November.

Theoretically, they’ll follow with campaign cash, advertisements, and support to push Gibson, who is vying to unseat Democratic incumbent Scott Murphy from Glens Falls.

(Murphy is in Lake Placid, Keene and North Hudson for events today and we’ll have a full report on the race tomorrow during the 8 O’clock Hour.)

National Journal calls Gibson’s inclusion on the Young Guns list “a surprise,” but notes that he’ll have some obstacles to overcome.

If there’s a surprise on the list, it’s Gibson, who came out of nowhere to post an extremely strong second quarter fundraising haul.

He represents the GOP’s top shot at avenging the special election loss last year when Kristin Gillilbrand (D) was appointed to the Senate.

Gibson is at a [cash on hand] disadvantage to Rep. Scott Murphy (D), though, having $452K to Murphy’s $1.3M.

A conservative American Action Forum poll released last week showed Murphy holding a 45% to 40% lead.


4 Comments on “NY20: Murphy 45%, Gibson 40%, GOP sees opportunity”

  1. scratchy says:

    So much coverage and posts on Congressional races but none on state legislative races, which are arguably more important given control of the state senate is up for grabs. Why?

  2. Bennie says:

    Gibson seems to have all the momentum breaking his way heading into the stretch run.

    Just not sensing much entusiasm for Murphy at all.

  3. knuckleheadedliberal says:

    The Gibson camp is trotting out Jerry Solomon’s widow to bring support to his side. I see that as a plus for Murphy. If the Republicans keep reminding the left (and center) of how much we disliked Solomon’s representation it will motivate us all to get to the polls.

    Remember that the district is essentially even Republican, Democrat, independent.

  4. knuckleheadedliberal says:

    Sorry, that should be: Republican = Democrat and independent.

    I’ll add that I know a lot of Republicans who are afraid of the new face of the Republican party and will not vote for people of that ilk.

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