Hundreds more DEC, APA job cuts looming

Governor David Paterson appears to be demanding that state environment agencies slash more than 210 additional jobs.

The news comes after deep cuts have already forced the DEC and APA to reduce services and cut programs, including the Adirondack Park Visitor Interpretive Centers.

We’ll have details tomorrow morning during the 8 O’clock Hour.

One troubling detail of these cuts is that they include the retirements of Al Hicks and Ward Stone, two of the most experienced wildlife biologists in the Northeast.

Hicks has lead the national fight against white nose syndrome, the disease that’s been wiping out bat populations in the North Country.

Stone has also been a prominent — and often controversial — scientist and activist, working on projects that include problem bear management in the High Peaks.

It’s unclear how the state will continue to manage (let alone conduct scientific research) on its vast land holdings.

The challenge is especially difficult when you consider that many of the hundreds of thousands of acres under the DEC and APA’s stewardship are challenged by development, invasive species, and climate change.

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4 Comments on “Hundreds more DEC, APA job cuts looming”

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  1. Bret4207 says:

    “It’s unclear how the state will continue to manage (let alone conduct scientific research) on its vast land holdings.”

    Sell the land, simple as that.

  2. JackP says:

    Less ‘management’ by APA would be a good thing. It’s time to transfer APA responsibility to local government and shut down APA.

  3. Bret4207 says:

    On the larger question Brian, you just got done posting a good thread on the fact our current paradigm is unsustainable. We know people are going to have to be let go or retire. Why is APA or DEC more important than DOT, health agencies, SUNY, bridge inspection teams or State Dept of Taxation people? The only thing I see happening is APA paper work will take longer to process with less people.

    Maybe some State cuts will cause more public/private partnerships to be formed.

  4. JeffK says:

    I can not understand how job opportunities are going to be created when countless American companies are spending their money abroad. Consider General Electric for example. GE’s newest efforts to build aircraft engines for the Chinese can lead to them handing over their designs for their engines. Another company, Yum Brands, is getting over half of its profits from outside America. Until trade agreements are altered, more job losses is certain.

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