Tea Party pivots from Hoffman to Doheny

Mark Barie, head of UNYTEA – the Upstate New York Tea Party – said this afternoon the group is abandoning support for Doug Hoffman. He’s the Conservative Party candidate running in the 23rd Congressional District.

Barie says the decision is largely because Hoffman lost the race for the Republican line in this month’s GOP primary.

UNYTEA has not yet officially endorsed the winner, Matt Doheny, but Barie calls this “only a formality.”

Hoffman plans on staying in the race through the November 2nd general election, despite Barie’s pleas that he drop out.

Barie says he believes Matt Doheny can beat Democratic incumbent Bill Owens in this three-way race.

Tune in to All Before Five this afternoon at 4:45 for the complete interview.


3 Comments on “Tea Party pivots from Hoffman to Doheny”

  1. TurdSandwich says:

    Love the Bill Owens commercial. Haven’t seen the new one but I’ll stay tuned.

  2. JDM says:

    Barie only has about 1000 in his UNYTEA organization. He isn’t the whole tea party in the North Country.

  3. R. Farmer says:

    Barie has is own aspirations to run for political office in the future. “Only a formality”? Sounds like another back room deal without the support of the majority of UNYTEA. His decision was based on the Republican Primary. The vote tally was less than 1000. He forgot the Conservative Party has over 5000 voters in the 23d and what about the conservative Democrats?

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