Competitors, partners, collaborators

The news industry is as troubled as any other in America.  Newspapers and TV stations are struggling.  A lot of traditional AM radio news departments have vanished.

But last night’s election coverage reflected a cool new trend in the North Country:  collaboration.

NCPR’s live reports and web content included contributions from WNBZ’s Jon Alexander, the Adirondack Daily Enterprise’s Chris Knight and Nate Brown, and material from fellow public radio station WRVO.

(WNBZ’s Chris Morris and the Enterprise’s Peter Crowley helped put all this together.)

Through the election, NCPR also turned for help to Jude Seymour at the Watertown Daily Times, Jimmy Vielkind at the Albany Times-Union, among others.

The truth is that none of our operations have the people-power to be everywhere all the time, especially on a big night like this.  (NCPR’s news room currently has two full-time reporters…)

And while we all hustle to get scoops and be the first on big stories, our first job is serving our audiences.

Because of these partnerships, we had good reporters on the ground across the North Country, from Watertown to Plattsburgh to Saratoga Springs.

Thanks to everybody who chipped in.


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  1. Bret4207 says:

    Being you’re all pros in the local area Brian, what’s your take on the Alaskan CBS affiliates unintended recording of their plans to do in the Republican candidate? Stuff like that, is it right or wrong?

  2. oa says:

    Punch bowl, meet Bret.

  3. rockydog says:

    Bret they’ll probably get a job at NPR.

  4. Bret4207 says:

    I was really kind of hoping Brian would respond. We just got done assuring him that we don’t have an issue with his (or Juan Williams) being human and having opinions. But I’m interested in just what a broadcast professional and genuine award winning reporter (IIRC) thinks of the dealings in Alaska. I’m not baiting or being snide, I’d really like to hear his take on it.

  5. Brian Mann says:

    Bret – I’ve been on the road all day. I listened to the audio and it’s a little sketchy what exactly they were talking about.

    Two thoughts:

    1. Reporters talk smack about candidates and politicians all the time. It’s usually pretty disrespectful stuff. Not exactly laudatory behavior, but I like the fact that good journalists tend to be skeptical and a bit anti-social.

    2. If I were their editor and I found that they were actually plotting some kind of disinformation or slander campaign against a candidate, I would fire them on the spot.

    I would review all of their reporting through the campaign and if I found any evidence of bias, I would make that information public and issue an apology to the candidates involved in the race.

    My understanding is that these journalists have, in fact, been dismissed.

    Brian, NCPR

  6. Pete Klein says:

    Listening or watching election returns is a big waste of time. I think it is also as waste of money.
    Go home. Get a good night’s sleep and just report the results after the dust has settled.

  7. Bret4207 says:

    Thanks Brian. I understand 2 unnamed persons have been let go, but since we don’t know who the players were or who was tossed…a little openness would be nice.

  8. oa says:

    Post hijacking succesful!

  9. Bret4207 says:

    Yeah, like we stay strictly on the straight and narrow here. Lighten up! What, the election bum ya out?

  10. oa says:

    Not at all. Owens is still my rep and Dems have the Senate after a fairly typical midterm anti-party-in-power wave election.
    Just impressed by the threadjack, which completely abandoned the topic in the very first comment, and posed a problem that had already been solved by the miscreants’ firings. And brings up St. Juan Williams, to boot. Bravo.

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