Aubertine (finally) concedes

Sixteen days after he found himself in a more than 3,000 vote hole to Republican Patty Ritchie on election night, State Senator Darrel Aubertine has conceded the race this afternoon in a brief statement:

I am extremely grateful for the support I’ve received over the years and the opportunities I’ve been given to serve the people of the North Country for eight years and Central New York for the past two and a half years. I am proud of what we’ve accomplished working together across political divisions and I wish Senator-elect Patty Ritchie well in serving the people of Oswego, Jefferson and St. Lawrence counties.

The statement comes just after absentee ballot counting had mathematically eliminated Aubertine from victory.  Aubertine would have had to win 95% of the absentee ballots to win.  Aubertine has not spoken publicly since election night.


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  1. A rotten shame, that one.

  2. Joseph M. Liotta says:

    Before this election I said that if Senator Aubertine loses it would be for two reasons – his totally false and off the wall ads just prior to the election and his vote against same sex marriages in New York State. I think those two things did him in.

  3. Fred Goss says:

    I can’t say Aubertine ads were any “worse” than Ritchies..Pot..Kettle

  4. DBW says:

    The inexperience of Ritchie and Blankenbush may really come back to bite us over the next two years. The problems are difficult and the stakes high.

  5. scratchy says:

    It’s a real shame that more incumbent state lawmakers didnt lose. At least the corrupt NYC crowd won’t be in control of the Senate anymore.

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