I need government workers who can talk about their lives

Here’s a peculiar request:

I’ve begun developing a project with National Public Radio and our own news room to tell the story over time of a government worker in the North Country.

I’m looking for two or three people who earn their living in government.  Ideally, I’d find one state employee, one local government employee, and one school district worker.

I won’t be asking people to disclose confidential or sensitive information.  I only want to get a sense over time of what it’s like to work in government agencies — at a time when the pressure is on to downsize, accept pay cuts, etc.

It’s fine if you are a union member (obviously) but I prefer that you not be a union official.

If you’re interested, we would talk first in more detail about how to coordinate our interviews in such a way that your managers or superiors are comfortable with your involvement.

Our conversations would be part of a national project, airing on NPR.  If you think this sounds interesting, please contact me via email at brian@ncpr.org.

Even if you’re just curious, send a note and I’ll fill in more details.  Thanks.

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