Morning Read: Kingston boat builder expands in Clayton

The North Country has been a boat-builders’ mecca for a century and a half, and the St. Lawrence River town of Clayton — with its Antique Boat Museum — is one of the epicenters of that tradition.

Now, the Watertown Daily Times is reporting that the town’s boat-building industry will grow a bit in the coming year.

MetalCraft will supply five models of 28- to 45-foot aluminum patrol boats, which will be known as the Sentry series, under a recent supply agreement with Brunswick Commercial and Government Products, Robert Clark, MetalCraft contracts manager, said Tuesday.

MetalCraft, which branched out to Clayton about a decade ago, now is short on manpower and space.

“Our shop in Clayton is already full and we’re looking for space to rent right now. We’re also looking to hire five to six new employees by next spring,” Mr. Clark said.

MetalCraft is HQ’d in Kingston, Ontario.  Which means that this is also another Canadian company boosting its investment south of the border.  Read the full article here.

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