Breaking: New York state will lose two House seats

The official Census data released a few moments ago delivered painful news to the Empire state.

Continuing a trend that began in the 1940s, New York will lose two seats in the House of Representative.

When the process is finished, New York will have 27 seats in Congress — down from 29 and roughly half the number enjoyed by California.

During World War 2, New Yorkers sent 45 congress-people to Washington.

The average House district will now have 710,767 persons — that’s an increase of nearly 70,000 people for every district in the nation.

That population increase will make it very difficult to maintain congressional boundaries that resemble the ones we see now in northern New York.

NY-20, NY-23 and NY-24 could each see theirĀ  lines redrawn significantly, adding a new level of uncertainty to the 2012 elections.

NCPR will have more on this story tomorrow morning during the 8 O’clock Hour.

Explore the demographic changes of the last century in this US Census Map Data widget released today.

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2 Comments on “Breaking: New York state will lose two House seats”

  1. scratchy says:

    This is the result of the excessive tax and regulatory policies of New York state. The state’s high taxes would be fine if we got our money’s worth in services, but we haven’t. Too much is spent on retirement benefits for public employees.

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  2. dwarner says:

    My thoughts on the loss are the taxpayers win. The wages, salaries, benefits and additional office expenses required for 2 congressional seats could be as much as a million dollars a year or more. Savings of millions of dollars per year [ spending less ] is always a good thing

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