Morning Read: Vermont may add bats to endangered species list

The Federal government has moved slowly to add bats to the US endangered species list, angering many scientists and environmental activists.  Now Vermont is moving to add little brown and northern long-eared bats to the state’s endangered list.  This from the Burlington Free Press.

The number of little brown bats has plunged at least 75 percent, experts reported, and recent surveys in some spots could find no northern long-eared bats at all.

“There are models that predict extinction within 16 years,” University of Vermont biologist William Kilpatrick reported to the committee.

Endangered status could affect everything from wind farm development to timber harvesting.  The final decision will be made by Vermont’s Natural Resources Secretary Deb Markowitz.

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3 Comments on “Morning Read: Vermont may add bats to endangered species list”

  1. Paul says:

    Little Brown bats tend to live often in man made structures (especially barns). That could technically affect more than just wind farms!

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  2. tootightmike says:

    I have a house in Potsdam with a noteworthy bat population in the attic. Several years ago, I stood in the evening light and counted, as they came out of just one gap in the soffit. They flowed almost like water at some points, and I finally gave up at about 800. Our night skies were always busy, and if you wanted a real show, you could watch them returning at about 4:30 in the morning. Bats in flight are quite acrobatic, but bats on foot, trying to scramble up into a small gap, are the clumsiest looking creatures I’ve ever seen.
    Over the last two years, my backyard bats have dwindled down to less than 50, and there are noticeably more mosquitoes here in Potsdam.

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  3. Donna Joyce says:

    We live in Cornwall,VT. We had a bat box that was empty for about 10 years.
    3 years ago a pair moved in. They have returned for the past 2 years with a few friends. We hope to see them again this spring.

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