Morning Read: Shovel your roof!

Even the New York Times is reporting on collapsing roofs, across New York and the Northeast.

These days, a forecast of snow is more likely to elicit groans — both from weary humans demoralized by the pummeling from Mother Nature and from the many flat roofs on older buildings that are so common to this region.

Down they have come, collapsing under record snow loads that are not melting but only accumulating, gathering mass until the structures can no longer bear the weight.

The Plattsburgh Press Republican reports that contractors are keeping busy, helping to dig people out.

“We’ve been at it for four or five days without stopping, and the calls keep coming,” said Frank Gates, owner of Gates Roofing in Plattsburgh, who has seen a dramatic spike in calls for snow removal.

“Even if you have only a foot or 2 feet of snow, the wind can pick up and drifts can get 4 or 5 feet on there quick, and it can be a big problem.”

This follows a spate of stories about barns (and a sports arena) collapsing in the North Country.  And now we get a bitter cold snap?

This, folks, is a good old-fashioned, hard-as-nails, bragging-rights kind of winter.

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