Morning Read: Laurentian moves forward, with protest from unions

The Plattsburgh Press-Republican is reporting that Clinton County has approved more than $122 million in tax-exempt bonds to boost the Laurentian Aerospace project.

According to the newspaper, this was a “critical step.”

Those are needed to help Laurentian Aerospace fund construction of a $175 million facility proposed for maintenance, repair and overhaul of wide-body jets at Plattsburgh International Airport.

The P-R reports that labor groups protested the meeting because they want guarantees that local workers will be used for the project.

John Donoghue Jr., president of the 3,000-member Plattsburgh-Saranac Lake Building Trades Council and business manager for Local 186 of the Laborers International Union of North America, said he is pleased the area has been able to land the massive project. But, he said, a project labor agreement is the only way to guarantee local workers will be used on the job.

“Please don’t forget the local construction workers along the way. Right now, there’s no guarantee who’s going to be performing the work.”

Read the full article here.

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3 Comments on “Morning Read: Laurentian moves forward, with protest from unions”

  1. If Clapton is God, Warren Haynes is Jesus says:

    I’ve never understood why these agreements can’t have some sort of quid pro qua built into them. If the county gov’t approves $122 million in tax exempt bonds, why shouldn’t the benefactor be required to hire local people? And the same should apply for a PILOT agreement or any other such economic incentive local gov’t provides prospective developers or businesses.

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  2. PNElba says:

    But what have unions ever done for the average worker?

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  3. tootightmike says:

    TAX EXEMPT!! Is this place…Plattsburg… in the state of New York? Did they hear the Governor’s address? Are they paying attention to the President’s State of the Union? Is there any indication from Wall St. or anywhere, that might indicate that it will be clear sailing from here on out?
    Far too often these projects fold after a too short number of years, sometimes closing their doors 10 minutes after the government grant, of tax abatement period ends. If you’re lucky enough to get hired, you’d better save every penny…you’ll need it to educate your children, replace your poor abused car, and to feed that family who’ll be living in your garage next year.

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